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Advertise your products to our primarily Australian audience with a advertising package. We offer pre-paid advertising only (not revenue sharing). In our experience affiliate tracking systems leave a lot to be desired.


  • Google PR-5 as at 15-May-2006


  • Advertisers also get google advertising turned off for their listings, preventing distracting competitor information

Below are our rates. All prices are per month, in USD.

Please contact us to get your campaign started. See how we list applications.

Developers - to get your listing to display the Australian Made logo or the Australian-specific logo, please click here. The Australian address logo is automatic based on your PAD file data.

Web page advertisement positions

  [T1-$150] [T2-$140] [T3-$110] [T4-$100]

[B1 preview page only-$220]


Download page - Price on application

P1 - Pop-under on download page only - $250

P2 - Pop-under on site exit only - $250

Email advertising

E1 - To all subscribers - $400

  Maximum 4 lines of text, 60 characters wide


T1,T2,T3,T3 - are shown on the top of every page.

  Image: 75x75 pixels .jpg or .gif

  Text: 120 characters

L1,L2 - are shown at the left of every page.

  Image: 75x75 pixels .jpg or .gif 

  Text: 65 characters

B1 is shown only on product preview pages.

  Max size is 336x280 pixels (WxH). Any combination of images+text provided as a distinct html page.

P1 - pop under on download page

  Any size

P2 - pop under on site exit

  Any size


You can purchase Advertising Units below.

Site 1   Order Id 224122 Advertising Units




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